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The crewing strategy of HEM Line has a strong commitment to ensure supply of top quality staff. They meet the requirements of all the regulatory bodies around the world and are capable of performing their duties in the demanding trades, types of vessel which may include old vessel requiring a lot of repair work to latest vessel, which have new generation automation. We will ensure the staff recruited is highly qualified, motivated and with a high physical fitness. The applicants for work on board ship have to:

  • Have a medical certificate from an approved Medical Officer
  • Have appropriate qualifications required by the international standards
  • Have appropriate experience for the relevant trades


All applications will be thoroughly checked by the crew manager. At the same time, these applicants will be interviewed directly (Sri Lankans) or via conferencing facilities (foreign crew members) to ensure their experience and the qualifications meet the required standards for the trade.We, HEM Line Lanka Shipping Services (Pvt) Ltd, provide Crew Management using mainly BIMCO Crewman A and Crewman B contracts.Our service includes

  • Recruitment of seafarers from all major crew supply countries
  • Evaluation tests before employment (if required by owners)
  • Marlins Test (if required by owners)
  • References for seafarers
  • Processing of National documents
  • Application of Flag state documents
  • Visa application (if required by owners)
  • Travel arrangements from our travel partner
  • Payment of crew wages free of bank charger for the crew
  • P&I administration
  • Payment and monitoring of P&I sick wages
  • ITF negotiations
  • Arranging cash to master (CTM)

Safety Officer

(Two Days Course)

We are the only company in Sri Lanka who provides Safety Officer training as per international standards of training for Shipboard Safety Officers based on the STCW Code Tables A-II/2 and A-III/3, IMO Model Course 3.11and Code of Safe Working Practice (MCA-UK). This training fulfils the requirement under OCIMF SIRE VPQ 5.1.

Practical Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification

(One Day Course)

The Practical Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification are skills that every person should develop who work on board ships, oil platforms, harbours, container terminals, factories or similar environments. Our training courses on Practical Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification assist companies to achieve highest safety standards and establish “Safety Culture” within their organisations.

Marine Accident Investigation

(One Day Course)

Marine Accident Investigation course aimed senior ship officers including Masters, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers and 2nd Engineers, Designated Persons Ashore (DPAs), Technical Superintendents, Marine Superintendents, Surveyors and other interested parties. The accident investigation techniques taught at the course can equally be applied to shore based accident investigations. Therefore, factory managers, safety officers, port safety personnel and persons engaged in similar trades can also get advantages from this course.