Port Agency

Port Agency

The Company provides its Port Agency service at four major ports in Sri Lanka, namely Colombo, Galle, Hambantota and Trincomalee. This service sector includes all services that a professional port agent should provide including but not limited to;

  • Serving as “General Agent”, “Charterer’s Agent”, “Owner’s Agent” and “Protecting Agent” at Port of Colombo, Galle, Hambantota and Trincomalee.
  • Offshore crew changes off Colombo, Galle and Hambantota
  • Offshore supply off Colombo, Galle and Hambantota including bunkers, provisions, spares, fresh water, lub oil and all other ship supplies,
  • Emergency services including emergency medical evacuations off Galle and Hambantota
  • Armed/ unarmed guards exchange off Galle and assist fire arm stowing at Naval Base, Galle.
  • Warehouse facilities for critical spare stowing and supply offshore.

Quality Objectives of the Port Agency Service

  • Zero Formal Complaints from principals.
  • Zero waiting period for the vessels supplied with offshore services
  • Zero accidents during crew transfer
  • Zero damages to provisions and other ship supplies
  • Zero return of ship supplies
  • Zero spills to the water
  • Minimising waste generation onboard due to ship supplies.

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