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HEM Line Lanka Engineering Services (PVT) LTD is a subsidiary of HEM Line Group of companies, based in Sri Lanka. We provide various types of engineering services to ships as well as to shore establishments.

HEM Line Lanka Engineering Services (PVT) LTD has a world classed workshop equipped with state of the art equipment. Our staff consists of marine chief engineers, mechanical engineers, experienced electricians, winders, class approved welders, experienced safety officers and quality controlling officers.

Our Services

We undertake minor and major repairs and other engineering services which includes but not be limited to:

  • Marine boiler repairs
  • Propeller & rudder repairs
  • Marine steam or diesel engine repairs
  • Hull repairs
  • Temperature & pressure calibrator calibrations
  • Ship’s intercom telephone repairs
  • Hull cleaning & propeller polishing
  • Cargo cleaning and deck cleaning
  • Ship’s spares warehousing
  • Marine engineering consultancies
  • Steel fabrications (civil & marine)
  • Shore/ship based oil tank cleaning and repairs